Day 23 – Privacy

I’ve grown to enjoy the company of my coworkers (as unfocused as they may be), but I find my lack of privacy a growing concern. While an open office layout is great, anyone can walk by and look at my screen. And they have! I don’t even think most of them have signed an NDA.

I think it’s time for me to talk to my manager and request a cubicle. And perhaps a whiteboard. And another latte, you know. Since I’m up.

Day 15 – Suits

While waiting for the production designer to arrive and review my shot, the door opened and in walked three men in formal business attire. “Suits,” I whispered to the team, “Look out, guys, corporate is on the floor.” Everyone kept their heads down, continuing to work on their laptops, tablets, and paperback books. “Illuminatiiiiiii”, hissed

Day 10 – State of Grace(land)

Hoping to do a bit of team building, I decided to bring in my own CDs to play through the overhead speakers. Sensing some resistance from management, I utilized my invaluable ‘Change Management’ training in an effort to get her to change the music from what I’m guessing is a concept album about a junkyard

Day 6 – Totless

For the third day in a row I must have missed the free tater tots and eggs available at the cafeteria (or as they call it, the “coffee shop counter”). As I reached for a suspicious looking donut, Betty asked me for some sort of “money” in exchange. Confused, I went back to my makeshift desk, filed a P1 Jira on a napkin, and slid it under the restroom door.

Day 5 – Take Your Kid to Work Day

So excited for my kid’s first ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day’! We arrived bright and early at The Coffeeshop (what a cool name for a studio, right?) wearing our matching shirts. We checked in with Betty, who did a good job at pretending she didn’t know what was happening. There was no set activity