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Disrupted is the story of Ben, a 40ish tech worker, who just lost his dream job. This delightfully animated micro-series centers around his disillusioned and absurd path back into the workforce. Brian … uh, we mean Ben, is a social person who needs to be around people in order to work.

Unlike many animated shorts, the series location is based on a real coffee shop (Backyard Coffee, in Redwood City, CA). This animation has 3D characters animated on background plates (pictures) of the coffee shop, so it’s animation on top of reality.

"When Rex suggested I make my Facebook posts about the layoff into an animated series, I asked if my mother had sent him to make me feel better." ~ Brian Newlin

A 1995 graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, he’s been an animator for TV, commercials, and video games, and a layout artist for feature animation since 2003. He’s interested in all aspects of the story process, and has been a key creative voice on several projects. In addition to his work at Dreamworks, he’s a writer and creator of many personal projects, including short stories for children.

Disrupted is based on Brian’s real-life events. The coffee shop was his outlet and the piece is his imagination brought to life.

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