Day 3 – This Will Do Nicely

Noticing the haphazardly strewn about books, empty cups, acrylic paintings of sailboats, and occasional band flyer, I am aghast at the obvious screen tangents and visual discordance. I have begun re-dressing the layout of the office. Pulling chairs and tables in an orderly (but not too sterile) pattern, I start to OOP some of the unapproved paintings and photos from the wall. The rest of the department seems disturbed/annoyed at my choices.

Day 1 – New Beginnings

After 12 years at PDI/Dreamworks Animation, I’m suddenly unemployed as the entire northern California studio location was nuked from orbit. At first I was in shock, and felt a void in my life where my office and coworkers once were. Luckily, I was accepted at a new office, The Coffee Shop! The interview is still a bit fuzzy, but it’s like I just walked in and they said “Have a seat.”