Day 1 – New Beginnings

After 12 years at PDI/Dreamworks Animation, I’m suddenly unemployed as the entire northern California studio location was nuked from orbit. At first I was in shock, and felt a void in my life where my office and coworkers once were. Luckily, I was accepted at a new office, The Coffee Shop! The interview is still a bit fuzzy, but it’s like I just walked in and they said “Have a seat.”

9 thoughts on “Day 1 – New Beginnings

  1. Even though it’s your first day at the new job, I think you deserve a raise.

  2. seeing this come to “life”… can’t wait for more.
    love watching the credits too…. very familiar names!

  3. I found you on Imgur and I’m already in love with your story. It really is charming, keep up the good work!

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